1157 Light Bulb


The 1157 automotive light bulb is a popular choice for vehicles due to its versatility and reliability. This bulb measures 1.06 inches in diameter and 2.00 inches in length, making it a standard size for many cars and trucks. It is a dual-function bulb that is commonly used for both brake lights and taillights.


The 1157 light bulb family is interchangeable with the following bulbs

The 1157 bulb is rated at 12 volts and 2.1/0.59 amps, with a power output of 26.88/7.08 watts. It produces a bright and clear light with a total of 402 lumens, making it a great option for any driver who needs a reliable and efficient bulb.

One of the benefits of the 1157 bulb is that it is interchangeable with other bulbs that have the same specifications, such as the 2057 and 2357 bulbs. This makes it easy to find a replacement bulb if one is needed, and it also gives drivers more options when choosing a bulb for their vehicle.

The 1157 bulb is typically installed in the rear of a vehicle, either in the brake light or taillight position. It is also commonly used in turn signals and backup lights. Some vehicles may use multiple 1157 bulbs, while others may use a combination of different bulbs.