12818 Light Bulb


The 12818 bulb is a halogen bulb that operates at 12 volts and has a power rating of 55 watts. It emits a bright and clear light with a color temperature of 3200K and a luminous flux of 1350 lumens. The bulb has a T4.6 shape and a miniature wedge base, making it easy to install and replace.


The 12818 light bulb family is interchangeable with the following bulbs

The dimensions of the 12818 bulb are 0.44 inches in diameter and 1.06 inches in length. It is a compact and lightweight bulb that fits into a variety of automotive light fixtures. This bulb is interchangeable with other bulbs that have the same T4.6 shape and miniature wedge base, such as the 1816, 1819, 1820, and 1823 bulbs.

The 12818 bulb is commonly used in the interior and exterior lighting systems of vehicles. It is often installed in the dome lights, map lights, trunk lights, license plate lights, and side marker lights. This bulb is also used as a replacement for the headlights and fog lights in some vehicles.

In conclusion, the 12818 automotive light bulb is a reliable and efficient lighting solution for vehicles. Its high luminous flux and compact design make it a popular choice for a variety of automotive lighting applications. With its interchangeable design and compatibility with other bulbs, the 12818 bulb is a versatile and convenient option for car owners and mechanics alike.