158 Light Bulb


The 158 automotive light bulb is a versatile and reliable lighting solution for various car models. This bulb is a miniature incandescent lamp that produces a bright and clear light that can enhance visibility and safety on the road.


The 158 light bulb family is interchangeable with the following bulbs

The 158 bulb has a wattage of 3.8 watts and a voltage of 14 volts, which makes it an efficient and long-lasting lighting option. It has a luminous flux of 21 lumens, which means it can emit a bright and focused beam of light that can illuminate the road ahead.

The dimensions of the 158 bulb are 0.45 inches in diameter and 1.06 inches in length, which makes it a compact and easy-to-install lighting option. The bulb has a wedge base type, which means it can fit into various sockets and fixtures without any hassle.

The 158 bulb is interchangeable with other bulbs such as 194, 168, and W5W, which means it can be used in different car models and lighting applications. It is typically used in various positions in the car, including the side marker, parking, and license plate lights.

Overall, the 158 automotive light bulb is a reliable and efficient lighting option that can enhance visibility and safety on the road. Its compact size, interchangeable compatibility, and bright light output make it a popular choice among car owners and mechanics.