161 Light Bulb


The 161 automotive light bulb is a versatile bulb that is commonly used in a variety of vehicles. This bulb is designed to provide bright and reliable lighting for your car, truck, or SUV. With a power output of 5 watts and a voltage of 12 volts, this bulb is capable of producing up to 50 lumens of light.


The 161 light bulb family is interchangeable with the following bulbs

The dimensions of the 161 bulb are 16mm in diameter and 28mm in overall length. This makes it a compact bulb that can easily fit into tight spaces. The bulb is designed to be a direct replacement for other bulbs such as the 194, 168, and W5W, which are commonly used in automotive lighting applications.

The 161 bulb is typically installed in a variety of positions throughout a vehicle. It is commonly used as a side marker light, license plate light, or interior dome light. It can also be used as a backup light or a parking light.

One of the key benefits of the 161 bulb is its long lifespan. This bulb is designed to last up to 5000 hours, which makes it a reliable and cost-effective lighting solution for your vehicle. Additionally, this bulb is easy to install and can be replaced quickly and easily.