168 Light Bulb


If you're a car owner, you might have heard of the 168 light bulb. It's a commonly used automotive light bulb that has a variety of applications. 

The 168 light bulb is a small but important component of automotive lighting. It's used in a variety of applications and is interchangeable with several other bulbs. If you're in need of a replacement bulb for your car, the 168 bulb is a good option to consider.


The 168 light bulb family is interchangeable with the following bulbs

Number of filaments:

The 168 light bulb has a single filament, which means it's a single-function bulb. It's designed to perform one specific task, such as providing illumination for a tail light or a turn signal.

Shape and dimensions:

The 168 light bulb has a wedge-shaped base and is relatively small in size. The dimensions of the bulb are 0.44 inches in diameter and 1.06 inches in length.

Wattage and volts:

The 168 light bulb typically uses 5 watts of power and operates at 12 volts.

Typical positions of installation:

The 168 light bulb has a variety of applications in automotive lighting. It's commonly used in tail lights, license plate lights, and dashboard lights. It can also be used in some turn signal lights, as well as some interior lights.

Cross reference:

The 168 light bulb is interchangeable with several other bulbs, including the 194, 2825, and W5W bulbs. These bulbs have similar specifications and can be used in the same applications as the 168 bulb.


The 168 light bulb is a halogen bulb, which means it uses a tungsten filament to produce light. Halogen bulbs are known for their bright, white light and long lifespan. However, they do tend to run hotter than other types of bulbs.