1895 Light Bulb


The 1895 light bulb is a vintage automotive bulb that was widely used in the early days of automobiles. 

The 1895 light bulb may be outdated, but it played a crucial role in the development of automotive lighting. It was a reliable and efficient bulb that served its purpose well. Today, it is a collector's item that reminds us of the evolution of automotive technology.


The 1895 light bulb family is interchangeable with the following bulbs

Number of Filaments

The 1895 light bulb has a single filament, unlike modern bulbs that have multiple filaments for different functions.

Shape and Dimensions

The bulb is a miniature bulb with a cylindrical shape and a diameter of 0.45 inches. The overall length of the bulb is 1.13 inches, making it a compact bulb.

Wattage and Volts

The 1895 bulb has a wattage of 3.78 watts and operates at 14 volts. This low wattage bulb was suitable for the limited electrical systems of early automobiles.

Typical Positions of Installation

The 1895 bulb was primarily used for automotive lighting applications such as tail lights, dashboard lights, and dome lights. It was also used as a backup light, fog light, and license plate light.

Cross Reference

The 1895 bulb is interchangeable with other bulbs such as 57, 182, 257, 293, and 363. These bulbs have similar specifications and can be used as a replacement for the 1895 bulb.


The 1895 bulb uses incandescent technology, which is the oldest and simplest form of lighting. Unlike modern bulbs that use LED, HID, or halogen technology, incandescent bulbs produce light by heating a filament until it glows.