194 Light Bulb


The 194 automotive light bulb is a small, wedge-shaped bulb commonly used in cars for various lighting applications. It is a miniature bulb that produces a bright, white light with a color temperature of around 6000K. The bulb is rated at 2.1 watts and 14 volts, and it produces a luminous flux of 35 lumens.


The 194 light bulb family is interchangeable with the following bulbs

The dimensions of the 194 bulb are 0.41 inches in diameter and 0.94 inches in length, making it a compact and versatile bulb that can fit into tight spaces. The bulb has a T3-1/4 glass wedge base that is designed to fit into a socket with a corresponding shape.

The 194 bulb is interchangeable with other miniature bulbs with a T3-1/4 wedge base, such as the 168, 2825, and W5W bulbs. These bulbs have similar specifications and can be used interchangeably in most applications.

The 194 bulb is commonly used in automotive lighting applications such as instrument panel lights, interior dome lights, license plate lights, and parking lights. It is also used as a replacement bulb for some aftermarket LED light kits.

The bulb is typically installed in a variety of positions in the car, depending on the application. For example, it may be installed in the dashboard for instrument panel lighting or in the trunk for interior lighting. 

It may also be used as a parking light or license plate light, where it is installed in a socket located near the exterior of the car. The 194 bulb is a reliable and versatile lighting solution for automotive applications, offering a bright and efficient light output in a compact and easy-to-install package.