24 Light Bulb


The automotive bulb number 24 is a single beam lamp with one filament. It is commonly used as a replacement part for parking lights, instrument panel lights, and license plate lights. The bulb utilizes halogen technology and has a nominal power of 3 watts at 24 volts. The usual life span of this bulb is around 2 years.


The 24 light bulb family is interchangeable with the following bulbs

The name of the bulb, 24, indicates its wattage and voltage. It has a cap or base type of BA9s, which is a bayonet type base. The bulb produces around 50 lumens with a color temperature of 2700 kelvins.

The 24 bulb can be interchangeable with other bulbs such as 1895, 53, 57, and 182. It is typically used in reflector headlights and is not suitable for use in projector headlights.