3156 Light Bulb


The 3156 automotive light bulb is a versatile and reliable light source for a wide range of vehicles. It is commonly used for tail lights, brake lights, turn signals, and reverse lights. This bulb is a direct replacement for the 3056, 3155, 3356, 3456, 4156, and 3157 bulbs.


The 3156 light bulb family is interchangeable with the following bulbs

This bulb is a single filament bulb that operates at 12 volts and draws 2.1 amps. It has a power output of 26.88 watts and produces up to 402 lumens of light. The bulb measures approximately 2.13 inches in length and 0.75 inches in diameter.

The 3156 bulb is designed to fit into a variety of automotive light sockets, including the wedge base, the bayonet base, and the twist lock base. It is a popular choice for many different types of vehicles, including cars, trucks, SUVs, and motorcycles.

When used as a tail light or brake light, the 3156 bulb provides a bright and reliable source of light that is easy to see from a distance. It is also commonly used as a turn signal bulb, where it provides a bright and clear signal that is easy for other drivers to see. When used as a reverse light, the 3156 bulb provides a bright and clear view of the area behind the vehicle, making it easier to back up safely.