6052 Light Bulb


The 6052 automotive bulb is a halogen bulb with a P14.5s base. It has a nominal power of 12 volts and 60 watts. This bulb is a single beam lamp with one filament and is commonly used as a replacement for low beam headlights in various vehicles. 

The 6052 bulb is designed for use in reflector headlights and has a typical lifespan of around 400 hours. Its name is deciphered as follows: the ""60"" indicates the wattage, the ""5"" indicates the number of watts in increments of 5, and the ""2"" indicates the number of filaments (one in this case). 

This bulb is not interchangeable with other types of bulbs due to its specific base and wattage requirements. It produces around 1350 lumens and has a color temperature of approximately 3200 kelvins.


The 6052 light bulb family is interchangeable with the following bulbs