9006 Light Bulb


The 9006 automotive bulb is a popular replacement part for low beam headlights and fog lights. It is a single beam lamp with one filament and a P22d base. The nominal power is 12 volts and 55 watts. The bulb utilizes halogen technology and has a usual lifespan of 1-2 years. The name 9006 is deciphered as follows: 9 for the bulb series, indicating that it is a halogen bulb, and 006 for the specific bulb type. The bulb is used in reflector headlights. Its specs include 1000 lumens and a color temperature of 3200 kelvins. The 9006 bulb is interchangeable with the HB4 bulb type.


The 9006 light bulb family is interchangeable with the following bulbs