H1 Light Bulb


The H1 automotive bulb is a powerful and versatile option for your vehicle. It features a single filament and is available in two different nominal power options: 6 V & 12 V at 55 W and 24 V at 70 W. The cap or base of the H1 bulb is P14.5s, which is a common base for many automotive bulbs.


The H1 light bulb family is interchangeable with the following bulbs

One important feature of the H1 bulb is that it is ECE approved for use in vehicles. This means that it meets the safety and quality standards set by the European Union for automotive lighting. Additionally, the H1 bulb has a luminous flux of 1,550 lm ±15%, which ensures bright and clear visibility on the road.

It is important to note that the H1 bulb is not interchangeable with other automotive bulbs due to its unique specifications. However, there are many other bulbs available that can be used as replacements for the H1 bulb if needed.

Overall, the H1 automotive bulb is a reliable and high-quality option for your vehicle's lighting needs. Its powerful output and ECE approval make it a popular choice among drivers.