GMC G35 Light Bulb Size

How do I know what size my light bulb is?

Need to know the GMC G35 bulb size to replace a dimmed-off lamp? Below you may find the GMC G35 bulb size charts with part numbers for all lamp positions like headlights, fog lights, brake lights, tail lights, turn signals, side markers, parking lights, cargo lights, etc.

Some bulb numbers are interchangeable. So if you spot a couple of different bulb sizes for one application, you may install any of them. Choose the year of production for your vehicle to see the list of OEM bulb sizes that are recommended by the car maker. The bulbs available for your GMC G35 can be upgraded using halogen, LED, OE Xenon, and HID conversion kits.

Choose GMC G35 Year for Bulb Size Chart

What type of headlight bulb does a GMC G35 use?

We created this light bulb guide to make it easier for you to find the right OEM bulbs for your car. All the data is provided for informational purposes only. The GMC G35 bulb fitment guide was compiled using information from trusted lighting companies like Osram Sylvania and Philips. 

The list is a work in progress, and we reserve the right to make modifications at any time. Use this information at your own risk. We give no warranties regarding the data presented.

Why are we making such a fuss? We don't want to alarm you, but we feel obligated to inform you. This is because bulb sizes and kits can differ even within the same make, model, and year. The exact manufacturing month may occasionally have an impact on the bulb dimensions.

While we strive to be accurate, the information below may not be entirely correct for your car. Keep in mind that there is always a slight chance it could be wrong due to various factors.

Please let us know if you discover any changes that need to be made, or elements that should be included. It would be very helpful if you would do so.

Can I put LED bulbs in my GMC G35?

If you choose a GMC G35 with all the bells and whistles, LED headlights may come standard. Consider the aftermarket LED bulbs as replacements for halogen bulbs on lower-level trims to gain better illumination and a longer lifespan.  

Consider legal restrictions in your State! 

A new set of LED lights for your GMC G35 can improve the look and functionality of your vehicle.

If you're looking to upgrade the LED lights in your GMC G35, you'll want to take into account the legal restrictions in your area.

Because most states demand that your vehicle have yellow or white headlights, you may not be able to install headlights of different colors.

Check with your state's Department of Motor Vehicles or Department of Public Safety to determine what restrictions exist in your state before you begin shopping.

Before buying headlights or taillights, check that they have a DOT/SAE certification. This will guarantee that the light intensity is up to code for street driving.