Courtesy Bulbs Guide

An interior automobile light that goes on automatically when a door is opened. They may be mounted overhead, under the dashboard, in the stepwell, or on the door of a truck, car, bus, or other automobile. White and color options are available.

A courtesy light, also known as a dome light, is a light located inside a vehicle, generally close to the rearview mirror. It illuminates automatically when a door is opened, providing a gentle fade out after the door is closed. It makes it easier to enter and exit the car, especially in low light conditions like night time or parking garages.

It also allows passengers to find their belongings and watch their step while entering and exiting the vehicle. Some dome lights come with a timer feature that turns off the light after a set amount of time, while others turn off when the doors are closed. Though not essential for the vehicle's operation, a malfunctioning courtesy light can cause inconvenience, especially in low light conditions.